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Exploit your Strengths & Opportunities
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  • Quickly build an effective strategy of action

SWOT: A business method to analyse a key goal and its related factors (Stengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats; or SWOT) and to deduce a strategy of action from them. This method is invocable as well at the strategic level on a tactical or operational level: any project can benefit from this type of analysis.

SWOT System is an application which allows you to easily implement this step.

  • Get creative ideas from your team

One of the advantages of SWOT analysis is that it looks at the current project only. During a meeting, using SWOT System with a projector will often motivate participants to use their imagination.

The brain storming sessions are effective and constructive, since the reports are immediately available at the end of the meeting.

  • To Identify and minimise the risks

SWOT analysis is being regularly used in a growing number of contexts. SWOT System will make it easy to detect the risks early and to minimise them effectively.

  • Consolidate the decisions

A decision can have important consequences for the rest of the life of the company.

It is therefore important to remember where the decision came from. In the event of reversing the decision, it is important to understand what was ommitted from the decision making process.

With SWOT System, each key factor in the decision is commented and therefore the origin of every decision is stored.

  • Communicate its vision

SWOT System generates reports in standard office formats (word processor and spreadsheet). These exported documents can be used or included within a wider project/communication framework.

Thus, your strategy has been developed, with a solid reasoning.


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